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Ernie Pinto
5th Bn, 16th Arty, C Battery
4th Division 1966-67

My name is Ernie Pinto and I was with 5th Bn, 16th Arty, C Btry, 4th Div 1966-67. Can’t remember Chief of Section's first name but at that time he was Staff Sergeant White. I am also looking for James Stanger, who was the battalion mail clerk for 5/16 Arty 1966-67. I am also looking for SGT East, C-Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Field Artillery, Vietnam 1966-67. I believe his first name was Jim. Can you shed any light on his whereabouts? We all came out of Ft. Louis with 4th Infantry Division. Help!! I would be glad to find anyone from the battery. If you can help me out I would be very grateful.

Thank you!
Ernie Pinto

Posted 22 SEP 2022

You can make contact via email to the Swamp_fox address at the bottom of this page. I will forward your email to Ernie.

I departed Camp Enari for Ft. Polk in August, 1968, just as you were arriving.

I spent my first five months with 5/16th Artillery as head of a medical platoon. Then, when TET opened up, I went to 1/22nd Infantry near Kontum and then 1/14th Infantry. I had asked for 5/16th Artillery because it stationed at Camp Enari, where my brother Jon was stationed with a transportation unit. I had him transferred out of country as soon as I got there, thinking his job, convoy security, was more dangerous than mine.

Through a battalion surgeon, I enjoyed the field more than Camp Enari and spent a lot of time out on fire bases and on patrol. An artillery Captain allowed me to perform some of the registration for the 155 Howitzers and got to yank the lanyard on one, firing it off. In this photo, I hadn’t yet switched to subdued brass! But I did as soon as I could get to the tailor’s and have them sewn on. Here's the 5/16th’s site at the bridge south of Kontum.

I spent 2 weeks at the Special Forces C-Camp about a klick south of the bridge. While there, I went on a rescue mission up into the mountains to get Dr. Pat Smith, when reports came in that her Montagnard hospital had been taken. One of her nurses was taken as a medic for the North Vietnamese, but Dr. Smith was hidden by the Montagnard patients and refused to leave with us when we showed up. She later made it back to the USA. Tough lady!

The Special Forces medical squad leader went to his camp commander, a Major, and requested that I transfer to the Special Forces, but of course that was impossible. It made me proud, however, that he thought so much of my abilities. Various miscellaneous photos around the area, including Dak To, Kontum, and a small firebase in the mountains are in this photo gallery. Put link here When I got back, I spent a year at Ft. Polk, hopefully passing on some good info to medics and Infantry preparing to depart for Vietnam. Then went to the Individual Ready Reserves for 8 years, having thought I’d had enough of the Army. However, I got the itch again, signed up for Army Reserves and Ohio National Guard, spending the rest of my time in reserves. Really good to hear from you, as there are fewer and fewer of us still around from those days.

Capt Richard Koelle
4th Bn, 42nd Artillery
5th Bn, 16th Artillery

Hello, my name is Karl Koelle. My father, Capt Richard Koelle, was killed at Bragg in 1975. I've been doing some research recently and found that he was with the HSB, 4th Bn 42nd Arty, 4th Infantry summer of 1969-early 1970, then it looks like he was with 5th Bn 16th Arty the rest of his tour. I know very little about my father's time there other than some pictures in an album. I would love to learn more about his military service.

Thanks for your service and thanks for the site.

Posted 3 MAR 2020

You can contact Karl through the Swamp_Fox email address at the bottom of the page.

Samuel Jackson Brady Jr.
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery
4th Infantry Division, Vietnam.

Brady passed away and I want to make a wall mounted memorial to give to his wife. I am looking for any information about his service, so as to be, as accurate as possible, in constructing this remberance. If you knew Brady or were in his unit, please make contact through this website using the swamp_fox email address at the bottom of the page.

Posted 28 SEP 2019

Bruce Wesley
A and B Batteries,5/16th
and later with 1st Air Cav Division HHQ's Btry 2/19th Artillery at Quang Tri.

I arrived in Vietnam in August of 1967 and served with the 5/16th Artillery M109 Howitzer Battery 155 SP ( A and B Btrys). Served mostly with A Battery and then was moved to B Battery 5/16th at An Khe for a short time before being transferred to the 1st Air Cav at Quang Tri to finish my tour. Returned home from Nam in August 1968.

The National 4th Infantry Division Association has a Redleg Chapter and would like to get more artillery people to come to the Association's National Reunion. Looking for more 5/16th guys to come meet with some of your long lost buddies and enjoy the shared memories.

I am looking personally looking to get in contact with the following people... Norman DeCosta from Hawaii, George Soto from New Mexico, Tim Felker from Illinois or Indiana, Bill Hamner (Hamster) from Sioux Falls, 1st Lt. Apple from Palo Alto CA and Lt. Armstrong from North Carolina. Can anyone put me in touch with these guys.

Thanks for your help.
Steadfast and Loyal.

You can contact me through the Swamp_Fox email address at the bottom of this page.

Posted 26 SEP 2019

William Ralph Francis
HSB, 5th of 16th Artillery
June 1969 - June 1970


My father William Ralph Francis passed away on 06 JUNE 2018 and I found many photos of his firebase in Vietnam. He served with HSB Battery, 5th of 16th Artillery from June 1969-June 1970. His best friend was Ronnie Webster and they remained friends after he returned home. If I can help you in any way with photos or details please contact me. You can post my email if you like. I personally fought with 1/18 INF, 197th BDE, 24th ID in Operation Desert Storm.


Included this photo of William Ralph Francis. 1969

Posted 11 March 2019

Email the Swamp_fox address at the bottom of this page if you want to make contact.

Roy Ratliff
Battery B, 5th of 16th Artillery
June 1968 - August 1969

I am looking for anyone who served with me at Polei Kleng, or LZ Bass, with the 155 SP Howitzer group. I remember after leaving Pleiku or Camp Enari going to Kontum City and spending approximately one month there June-July 1968, then the unit moved to Polei Kleng. Most of my memories are from Polei Kleng. I do remember in March 1969 when Charlie rocketed us with 122mm rockets everyday about lunch time, while we were standing in the chow line for about a week. One 122mm rocket hit the Mess-Hall Cook's hooch and two men that I know were killed there. I think one was Ronald Rollins and other one's nick name was "Stoney", from California. I remember the water hole/river below the Fire Base at Polei Kleng. I remember also going to Ban Me Thout and setting up position near a rubber plantation. I worked with Robert Hubbard and "Holmes". We went on several Hip-shoots in many areas. It would be great to hear from some of the other guys that served with me. If any of this sounds familiar to you, contact me through the website.


Posted 29 June 2016

Email the Swamp_fox address at the bottom of this page if you want to make contact.

SGT Gilbert T. Barlow
A Battery, 5th of 16th Artillery
JUL 1967 - JUN 1968

My brother, listed above, was in A Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery from July 1967 - June 1968. He recounts having been set up near a bridge over a small stream that was attacked at night and they were without infantry protection….set in positions around the bridge, they were attacked and satchel charged….two comrades under or positioned near the bridge were hurt and Medevac'ed the next day.

I was in country from March 66-67, (USMC Infantry near Quang Tri)….My parents had two years to worry about their boys. Thank God we both came back…….

Gilbert would like to correspond with other members of A Battery, 5th of 16th Artillery, who may remember him.

Travis W. Barlow

Posted 21 FEB 2016

To make contact with Gilbert, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

SP/4 Steve Estes
5th Bn, 16th Artillery
SEP 1967 - AUG 1968

I just saw your site for the first time, as I was looking up 5/16th arty. I was a chief computer in FDC for A Btry 5/16th arty
from September 2, 1967 - August 30, 1968. In November of 1967, we moved from down around Pleiku to Dak To.
We were a Self Propelled 155 unit that was mainly in a general support reinforcing role, but was direct support for all we could
reach, mainly Hills 824, 1338, and later 1416. I learned very quickly how to figure data for the firecracker rounds.

There was a period in November, when we fired 14,000 rounds in 13 days. I'm glad as hell we were able to do so
and get resupplied before the airstrip got hit. Then we moved north to old Dak To and supported the big kick off
of the Arvn Red Hat Rangers, doing a hip shoot on the way.
Theres so many things I can remember and so many I can't. I live in Cody, Wyoming now in summer and Quartzsite, Arizona in winter. I have several pics and newspaper articles about the whole Battle for Dak To and TET. SP4 Steve Estes '67 '68

Anyone who remembers me or similar times and places, please contact me through this website.

Posted 25 JAN 2016

To make contact with Steve, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

Stewart Enger
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

Good to hear from some from the old homestead.

You must have been in the 1/8th or 1/12th. They use to camp out/stand down at Oasis. I remember the bands playing when they did. The tanker use to come also. We stole the C-4 they left behind. As for me I was in " D" batty 5/16th (8-inch guns) attached to the 4th Inf Div and later to the 1st Field Forces. I was in section 2 for a while, then back to base camp in the motor pool, and finally back to the field in FDC. I stayed 13 mos and 6 days and went home 28 DEC 70.

I think we were Death Dealer 2. I remember Dinks Death was another gun. CPT Sullivan was our CO for a while.

I seem to have left the "Nam" where it was and only once in a great while do I slip back, but only for a very short time.
Miss the guys.

Take care and welcome back you all.

Posted 20 JAN 2016

To make contact with Stewart, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

SGT Thomas E. Hall
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

I served in Pleiku September of 1966 to August of 1967, as a SGT E-5. We traveled up and down throughout the Central Highlands. I am interested in looking for other men, who may have served during that time in my unit or in the same area.

Posted 09 JAN 2016

To make contact with Thomas, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

SGT Bill Short
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

August, 68-June, 69, I was in the second class of NCOCS at Ft. Sill in 1968. As an Instant NCO I had several jobs.

I served first as Chief Computer at Division Artillery for Base Camp defense at Camp Enari and taught first use of the new FADAC until Christmas.

Next I went TDY for 3 weeks with 2nd of the /22nd Infantry, as Artillery Liaison.

New Years found me replacing the most popular NCO in D battery (SSGT Brock) as the4th Section Gun Chief on Destruction II, an 8" SP. We moved quite a bit and #'s 4 and 2 guns went on a couple of hip shoots that were something very different.

I got married on R&R 6 March 1969.

We moved to the Oasis in April of 1969 and were hit byt a large NVA force on Mother's Day and lost one man, Michael Schroeder, with several of us lightly wounded when one of the first motor rounds hit directly in the sand-bagged tent we were sleeping in and my Assistant Gunner, Rick Peoples, was severely wounded. I took the other three section chiefs to gun #2 and we fired firecracker rounds high angle to cover the part of our perimeter that had lost one guard bunker to a B-40 Rocket.

Bill sent these photos from his tour with 5/16th.

Posted 04 MAR 2015

To make contact with Bill, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

Walt Shields
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery


My name is Walt Shields and I was assigned to A 5/16th when the 3rd Bde of the 4th Div went home. I think the 1SGT was named Cunningham. He lost his legs in a 3/4 ton truck when we went into Cambodia. I think the driver's last name was Adams. He was from the motor pool and he asked the 1SGT, if he could take my place and drive him. I went and saw them both after it happened in the hospital. I would like to hear from anyone from the unit.

Posted 17 FEB 2015

To make contact with Walt, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

Octavio Rodriguez
A Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery
1967, Vietnam

Hi Homer,

I am looking for anyone who has a picture of my very best friend Tim Daly, KIA 2/3/67 near Tuy Hoa.

I have visited The Wall and got his name but I have no pictures of him. We were with A Battery 5th Battalion 16th Artillery 155s SP. 1966 - 1967.

Welcome home brother,
Best Regards,

Octavio (Rod) Rodriguez

LTG Robert McAlister
5TH BN, 16TH ARTILLERY, G-3 Operations, Ft. Lewis
Commander Division Artillery, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam
Promoted to BG, Assistant Division Commander, 4th Infantry, Vietnam 1968

Homer --

Saw your website and thought to drop you a line. My dad, then-Lt. Col. Robert C. McAlister, commanded 5/16th FA in Fort Lewis (1962-63) before the unit deployed to Vietnam.

Later, as a Colonel, he commanded 4th DIVARTY in Vietnam from 67-68, then served as the 4th Infantry Division Assistant Division Commander from 68 to 69 after he was promoted to Brigadier General.

He was always intensely proud of the 5/16 and how it performed under fire. I have some photos and memorabilia from that era; if you're interested, I can scan some of it. Hope all is well on your end of the country. I served 23 years myself, but wasn't a Redleg. All the best.

Edmund S. McAlister, LTG, USA (Ret.)

ltg robert mcalister

Lieutenant General Robert Carter McAlister, United States Army (Retired)
September 15, 1923-February 26, 2008

Lieutenant General Robert C. McAlister, United States Army (Retired), a native of Mayfield, Kentucky passed away on February 26, 2008 at his home in Melbourne, Florida. General McAlister's distinguished career spanned nearly forty years of command and staff service in peace and in war, and was marked by a profound love of country, intellectual discipline, compassion, and competence. He was, in the words of one of his dearest friends, a magnificent soldier and man.

General McAlister graduated Mayfield High School in 1941, and was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point from Kentucky's First Congressional District, graduating in 1945. General McAlister served in the U.S. Constabulary forces in occupied Germany, where he met his future bride, Martha Sebree of Olney, Illinois who was living in
Germany with her parents; it was, as he later said, "the best score Kentucky ever made."

The couple was married in 1950, and within ten days, then-Lieutenant McAlister deployed with the Third Infantry Division to Korea. General McAlister commanded Battery A, 10th Field Artillery, firing in direct support of the Seventh Infantry Regiment, in combat from the Naktong to the Yalu, and his unit was one of the very last evacuated at Hungnam following the Chinese entry into the war.

Upon his return to the United States, General McAlister was selected to attend the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College as a captain - a distinction normally reserved for majors - graduating second in a class of three hundred. Following distinguished service in staff and line positions, General McAlister was selected to attend the U.S. Army War College as a major, and earned a Masters Degree in International Relations from George Washington University.

General McAlister commanded the 5th Battalion, 16th Field Artillery and served as the
G-3 (Operations) Officer for the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Washington. Following service as an operations staff officer in Panama, General McAlister rejoined the Famous Fourth Division as the Commander, 4th Infantry Division Artillery in the Republic of Vietnam. In that capacity, the late General William R. Peers described him as "the best tube-gunner in the United States Army." Promoted to Brigadier General in 1968, General McAlister served as the Assistant Division Commander of the 4th Infantry Division in the Central Highlands of Vietnam,

and participated in numerous operations, including the battle of Dak To as well as the Tet

Following a tour as Director, International Security Affairs at the Department of Defense, General McAlister was promoted to Major General and tapped to command the Southern European Task Force in Vicenza, Italy, and oversaw the Task Force's expansion to include units in Italy, Greece, and Turkey as well as the addition of an Airborne infantry battalion.

Among General McAlister's most important contributions to the Army came in 1973, when he was selected to lead the Army's Combat Development function. This was a critical juncture in the Army's history, as the Army restructured its training, doctrine, and equipment to face post-Vietnam challenges. With the end of the Vietnam War, the end of the draft, and a growing threat from a numerically superior Soviet army deployed in Europe, the Army had to reexamine and restructure the way that it trained, equipped, and deployed its forces.

Tasked to provide material support and to project future equipment needs to support the Army's worldwide mission, General McAlister's contributions included the prototypes for the M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter, the M-2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and the and the Multiple Launch Rocket System, all of which remain in service today. The late General William DePuy described General McAlister as the "smartest man in the Army,
bar none."

In 1975, General McAlister was promoted to Lieutenant General, one of only 19 officers to hold that rank in an Army that then numbered over 700,000. Assigned as Chief of Staff, Allied Forces Southern Europe, General McAlister successfully negotiated the resumption of joint military exercises between Greece and Turkey, following several years of strained relations over the occupation of Cyprus. General McAlister's final assignment was as Chief of Staff, United States European Command, responsible for U.S. military operations spread from Iceland to Africa and from Spain to Iran.

Following his retirement in 1980, General and Mrs. McAlister settled in Melbourne, Florida, where General McAlister continued to serve his community as a member of the National Board of Counselors of the Military Officers Association of America. Among General McAlister's awards and decorations are: the Defense Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Bronze Star Medal with "V" device for valor in combat and oak leaf cluster, the Air Medal with nine awards, the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received in combat, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Army of Occupation Medal (Germany), the Commendatore della Republica Italiana (Italy) as well as numerous campaign and service ribbons, both U.S. and foreign.

General McAlister was preceded in death by his parents, Sam and Orene McAlister of Mayfield. He is survived by his wife of fifty seven years Martha Sebree McAlister, and their five children, Pauline Herz, Mary McAlister, Robert C. McAlister, Jr., Edmund S. McAlister, and Samuel E. McAlister, their spouses, and seven loving grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. Internment will be at Arlington National Cemetery on March 26, 2008, at 9:00 a.m., with full military honors.

If you want to contact Ed, email me at the Swamp_Fox address on this site.

Posted 5 JUN 2012

Arthur Johnson
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

Arthur Johnson is searching for members of his unit, he found one of his friends who was KIA with a missile that went thru him, his name is Timothy Carroll who died in 1968, he remembers another brother that he believes is still alive, his name is Jim Skelton. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to contact Arthur, email me at the Swamp_Fox address on this site.

Posted 5 JUN 2012

Richard Westerlund
aka "White Rabbit"
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

First of March 1968 to March 1969. RTO with "Doc" Fenster and Gun Delinquent III. From Polie Klein to FB-3 to Dak To, Ben Het, & LZ Pat. Hope you are all well and doing fine. Still living in California and Arizona.

Posted 04 MAR 2012

If you want to reach Richard, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page.

SP/5 Donald A. Wise
A BTRY, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

KIA March 19, 1934 to December 06, 1966

Need photo of Donald for Virtual Wall http://http://www.virtualwall.org/dw/WiseDA01a.htm

Posted 16 FEB 2010

If you can assist, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page.

Jon Aldridge
6th Bn 29th Arty

I see where you have a website in which members of the 5/16th Arty can post messages. One of the guys killed in Nam was attached to the 6th Bn, 29th Arty, but assigned to Alpha Btry 5/16th Arty.

His name was Donald Wise and he was KIA 6 Dec 66.

Members of the 6/29th are trying to locate photos of everyone KIA while in or with our unit. It is uncertain how long Wise was attached to the 6/29th and it may be that he had many friends and associates in the 5/16th, who possibly have a photo of him.

Our search for photos is in response to the "Call for Photos" put out by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund as they prepare to erect an Education Center near The Wall to further honor the Vietnam War dead by putting a photo with a name.

To date Donald Wise has no photo submitted to the VVMF.

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Posted 9 JAN 2012

If you can assist, email me at the Swamp_Fox address at the bottom of the page and I will forward it to him.

Jorge R Soto
A Battery,
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

I served in Nam from June 67 'til June of 68 with Btry A, 5/16th Artillery. I have not been able to locate members of my unit. I only remember last names which makes it difficult. These are some of the names I remember: Sgt Doyle, Tharpe, George Hunter, Danny Lopez, Billy Gurley. If anyone remembers me please email. I was in the central highlands most of the time around Dak To and Pleiku. Thanks for any help.

Contact Swamp_Fox address at bottom of page and I will forward your email to Jorge.

Posted 10 JUL 2011

Jim Stanger
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery


I know much about the early days in Vietnam with 5th of the 16th. I went over from Ft. Lewis and left at the end of August 1967. I was the Sergeant Major's driver and Battalion Mail Clerk. I knew everyone in the unit. A battery 4-155's, B Battery 4-155's, C Battery 4-155's, and D Battery 4-8 inch self propelled cannons.

While I was there at least 60 men died. Some combat - some not. I know, I had to mark there mail- Deceased - Return to sender. We weren't exactly rear echelon. D battery fired from base camp Enari (which I knew as Dragon Mountain). Our other batteries were at fire bases set up near Cambodia. I was there in March 67 when C company, 1/8th was just about wiped out. Our field batteries fired hundreds of rounds and we had body counts in the hundreds. We did hundreds of LRRP's north of Pleiku and close to, if not in Cambodia.

Did you leave as a Captain?

You may certainly post anything I send you!

Posted 23 APR 2011

Contact Swamp_Fox address at bottom of page and I will forward your email to Jim.

Jim Stanger
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery
Bn Mail Clerk - Sergeant Major's Driver 1966-67


I saw the posting about Don Wise. I saw his picture on the wall. I knew him well. The day before he died I had an argument with him about something trivial. He was gung-ho and very "strac" (Strategic, Tough, and Ready Around the Clock). I was not. He was a very courageous man. He was ambushed while trying to retrieve a 155 self propelled gun with a track retriever, by himself. He took five rounds across his chest which only bruised him. He was wearing a flak jacket. The sixth round caught him in the throat.
As I recall, he had a wife and three young children. Hopefully, God has blessed them.

Posted 14 NOV 2013

Contact Swamp_Fox address at bottom of page and I will forward your email to Jim.

Frank A. Duncan
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

I`ve enjoyed reading your page. Another unit you can add to your unit page is D Btry, 5th Bn, 16th Arty, 8" SP. I served as Section Chief on 3rd section, from July 1967-July 1968. Our Battery Commander was CPT Kenneth E. Wall, Top SGT was 1st SGT Richardson. We spent most of our time around Dak-To and Kontum. We spent a lot of that year at Ben-Het. Our name for Ben-Het was Ben-Hit!!

Anyone out there that remembers me, feel free to contact me through the swamp_fox email address at the bottom of this page.

Posted 30 NOV 2010

Johnny Basso
D Battery,
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery

I found you in an email I got from the group called Pleiku Pals. I graduated from Senior ROTC at Eastern
Kentucky University and did my 6 weeks ROTC training at Ft. Riley, Kansas. I did not become an
officer because of a bad heart. I served in the Central Highlands from the sea to the tri-border area
at Than Cahn from 1970 - November 1971. I was in D Battery, 5/16th.

Posted 9 DEC 2006

William Wardin
D Battery, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery,

My Dad, William Wardin, was in D Battery, 5th Bn, 16th Artillery, 4th ID from 1969-1970. He was assigned to a gun named "Diablo". If you know anyone that may have known him, please pass along my email.


Contact Swamp_Fox address at bottom of page and I will forward your email to Travis.

Posted 26 OCT 2010

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