REMF    - Rear Echelon M____r F____r.  A derogatory term used to describe those who were in the support echelon and did not have to sleep in the field.  Sometimes also referred to as Remington Raiders, because many of them used the old manual Remington typewriters, also Smith-Corona Commando's. Of course we all wished were sleeping on beds in the safety of a secured perimeter, with hot meals and showers.  It was said more out of frustration than anything else.  In fact, they were the ones who kept us supplied and looked out for us. In many ways, they had it harder than we did.  We looked death in the eye in the field on a daily basis, but the lived with boredom and fears that our war stories planted in their minds.  The horrors seeing the dead and wounded and the news they heard often put more fear into their minds than the realities we faced in combat.  Real fear has to be faced, but imaginary fears just continue to grow every night in our dreams. I knew men from both groups and can tell you for certain that neither should wish to have walked in the other's shoes.  Being in the combat theater isn't a cake walk for anyone.

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