Photo Galleries

Gallery One

ROTC, OCS, and 2cd Lt. at Ft. Jackson before shipping overseas.

Gallery Two

"Butter Bar", Second Lieutenant and Platoon Leader with Bravo Company, 1st Brigade, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. Working around Dak To, Republic of Viet Nam from August 1968 to September 1958

Gallery Three

First Lieutenant, Executive Officer to B/1/8, 4th Infantry Division.

Gallery Four

Short period as Commanding Officer of B/1/8 with Task Force Alpha during Operation Wayne Grey on Hill 467, still only a 1st Lt.

Gallery Five

Headquarters Company Commander for 1/8th, 4th Infantry Division, still 1st Lt., just before my 30 day leave between tours.

Gallery Six

Post RVN photos of Captain Steedly carrying on.....

Gallery Seven

Images of Viet Nam War related items you may remember..

Gallery Eight

Images From WWI and WWII.

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