Front row kneeling from left to right:

#1     Glen Yates, NYC
#2     Reyes Torres
#3     Platoon RTO Charlie Mullins from Detroit, always imitating people
#4     We called him "Hippie" from San Francisco
#5     Mac Arthur West from LA.  Mack was an assistant machine gunner.
#6     John Brown from Chicago
#7     Morella from Chicago, platoon RTO in JAN 1969
#8     Terrence Rettig nicknamed "Red Dog" from California

First row standing from left to right:

#1     SSG Mack from Oregon
#2     unidentified, without cap
#3     Pat Patterson from St. Louis, with cigarrette and hands on hips
#4     Louis Delgado from San Juan Puerto Rico, now a cop there.
#5     unidentified
#6     Rodriguez from NYC
#7     SSG Gary Lysne
#8     Potteiser in Boonie Hat with mustache, nickname "Potts"
#9     unidentified
#10   Lt. Bob Ponzo far right standing with glasses

Second row standing from left to right:

#1     With baseball cap, no shirt, Platoon RTO shot in hand on FB Denise by friendly fire.
#2     (Barely Visible) Acting Squad Leader from New Hampshire or Vermont, married, always had mustache and smoked a pipe.
#3     John French from Denver
#4    Nicknamed "Ozzie" from Georgia, red mustache, wanted to wear Boonie hat and t-shirt, carried heavy ruck and machine gun.
#5     unidentified
#6     unidentified
#7     unidentified
#8     Floyd Burch
#9     Joe from Georgia , Squad Leader (black guy, barely shown)
#10   Floyd Nabors directly in front of Joe.
#11   Conklin, next to Nabors with hair parted in middle with mustache
#12   Benny Niaday, behind Niaday is David Furlow

Gary made some identifications and Pat Patterson came back with more and some corrections.  Any more confirmations/additions are welcomed.

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