Letter Home
28 OCT 1968

Dear Mom and Dad,

I told you "B" Company really had some good luck; we moved from FSB-29 over here to FSB-30 and 10 days after we left 29 got mortar and 75mm rockets. They have had incoming for three days now. Guess they will get a ground attack soon.

Things are going quietly over here, but we did find a "ChiCom" 75mm recoilless rifle round. It is packed in a real neat canister of 1965 manufacture.

I got the bank statement; sure do appreciate it. I don't know what happened to the first one you sent. I will send some money as soon as I can to the bank. I have my pay straightened out now. Are you still getting the check each month and the bonds? I don't remember the bond and I guess I spent it.

I wish you would look around for two things for me. 1-a small Coleman gasoline stove, 2-a small Coleman gasoline (mantle) lantern. I could sure use them while here in these fire bases.

I have to go for now,


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