Letter Home 
29 JAN 1969
Dear Mom and Dad, 
I hope you are all doing fine and are all over the flu by now. I had a mild case of the Hong Kong flu the last few days
myself, but I am almost over it. I really had a good temperature though. It left me as weak as a kitten for a while. The
weather is so dry right now that everything is covered in the fine red Pleiku silt. The ground is covered with a layer of
about 1 to 2 or 3 inches of a red dust so fine that you can't squeeze a hand full of it, cause it all runs out the cracks.
It's everywhere, and it's finer than cement. I've seen a chopper come into Dak To FSB and the rotor blades kick up so much
dust that it covered the entire two-mile circle that is Dak To. I still haven't gotten those pictures back from the PX, but
I am going to go check on them again today. They tore down the entire Dak To PX, because we have moved out of the area, so
I have to find out where they put the new one. We are now working around VC Valley, up around Black Hawk. I can't think of
much more to say for now, so I guess I'll say good-bye till the next time... 


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