col. knight, vietnam

Col Hale H. Knight was 1st Brigade Commander with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam from 24 OCT 68 - 31 JAN 69. He was one of the finest combat leaders I have ever known. Only recently have I learned where he came by his incredible understanding of the soldier on the ground in a jungle environment. It appears Colonel Knight was a hero and accomplished jungle fighter early on in his career while serving with Detachment 101 of the Office of Strategic Services in the China-Burma-India Theater of World War II. The following documents show some of his background.

 To better appreciate the incredible courage and heroism of this great soldier, please take the time to read the documents shown icon

Colonel Knight died in June 2001 and was buried in Arlington that July. His family has graciously allowed us to post nearly 200 photos from his personal collection.  Many of the Brigade and Battalion Staff, as well as, many Company Commanders are shown here for the first time.  I have captioned those I could.  Please email me with any additional who, what, when, where info for the captions and correct me if I made any mistakes.  Due to a TBI on Hill 467, I have no visual imaging in my mind and find it difficult to recognize faces.  Any additional information about these photos would be greatly gallery col. knight, vietnam



I was on a Bomb Damage Assessment mission and heard the radio traffic while Col. Knight picked up the men from FSB-29.  He definitely deserved the Bronze Star Medal with "V" device for heroism for that action.  He was a very hands on style Infantry Commander.  Many of us owe our lives to his insight into jungle warfare and his personal courage and code of conduct.  May his deeds never be forgotten.

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