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Conrad Gonzalez
Gunner Yellow Flight
First Platoon (Gator)
119th Assault Helicopter Company

I flew with First Platoon for 119th AHC, Yellow flight, from Oct 1967 - Sept 1968; Blue flight was 2nd platoon, Both Gators. Crocs were the 3rd platoon consisting of gun ships. Mostly flew with Bob Pearson (who also lives here in Alaska). Also flew with Junior, Animal, Preacher, Lt. Rock, Jersey Wonder, and everyone else in Yellow Flight. Remember Frakes, Schmidt, Randal Lewis, but at 72, memory is failing. First Combat Assault was lead ship at Dak To with Pearson. Last ship was Gator 265, which crashed somewhere west of Kontum. Lots of Operation Omega, SOG into Cambodia and Laos. Remember Hotel 9, and not fondly. Remember a whorehouse outside of Dak To being burned down by a smoke grenade. Mostly remember faces, but not names.

Posted 1 APR 2020

You can contact Conrad via email to the Swamp_fox address at the bottom of this page.

Don Elson
119th AHC

Homer, my name is Don Elson, and I flew with Jack Hawkins in Vietnam. I have been trying to reach the guys from our company for quite some time. On March 30, 1969, I was involved with the extraction of Alfa and Bravo Companies. I was a peter pilot at the time, going through my last flight before becoming an aircraft commander. Eugene Klimaszewski was my aircraft commander that day . I have been looking for verification from another Pilot who was there that day to prove to the Dept of Army that I was there. The reason behind this e-mail is to straighten a matter with the army . I received the DFC, however it is not posted on my DD-214. When I contacted them they denied it due to a clerical error on my set of orders # 3517. It is with a date of service of 1970 instead of 1969. I have been rejected twice even though there are 19 of us on the orders. If my ever failing memory serves me, I was with 2nd flight 119th Aviation Company, 2nd Combat Aviation Battalion, 17th Group, 1st Aviation Brigade. Hawk and Hud flew in and recovered my butt, after taking a B-40 rocket through my tail boom one day in August back in 1969. Please forward this to HAWK as we knew him.

Thanks Don "ELMO" Elson.

If you want to contact Don, email me at the Swamp_fox address below and I will forward it to him.

Posted 23APR2011

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