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SGT Mike Leeper

Just found your site. The reading was quite interesting, especially the detail about FB 20. Matter of fact, my journey to the field basically started on FB20 as a member of one of the 4-deuce crews located just below the artillery battery.

Actually the MOS I arrived in country with was 11B, but when I reached base camp, they sent me to mortar school (OJT) for 81 MM and 4.2's. 11C is actually my secondary MOS. It appears the year before my arrival, 1/8 was in a firestorm. That might have been on FB 29. Don't know the details for sure. However, many of the tubes were destroyed or deemed out of tolerance... So when I reached Kontum, I was a new replacement along with a brand new in the box 4.2 mortar. In fact, we only had a two man crew at that point! Myself and a squad leader. Our gunner was at the dentist.

During our assembly as part of Wayne Grey, he met up with us in another location. Don't remember that FB but I believe it was just forward of Dak To. Nevertheless, it was a notable start for me and a real welcome return for him. This might have been one of those cases where the dentist was a better choice!

May I add the recollections were spot on! I have included a picture of the pad of FB20. You will see a Loach getting ready to leave. This could be the one that was highlighted in a previous recollection on your site...The picture was taken from above the bunker area for TOC, and was adjacent to our gun pit. (You can see TOC down to your left)

My tour lasted 11.5 months solely in the field where I transitioned to the position of gun crew squad leader.

Thanks for your site and I hope the picture helps visualize a portion of the 30 days in March on FB20.

If you need to contact Mike, email me at swampfox address below and I will forward it to him.

Posted 7 JUL 2013

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